Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014-2015 list

Here it is folks, the next list and an thisanation of what it is and why I'm doing it. This list has only 1 carryover from last year's.

  1. Randomly help 2 strangers - this means taking time out of my schedule to help someone else's day suck less
  2. Develop a meditation practice - I've heard so much about it and wasn't too somehow incorporate it into my everyday life.
  3. Call extended family once per month - I recently lost an aunt and I didn't like how that was the only time I talked to my cousin on the phone.
  4. Come up with and execute a photography project - I'd like to be more creative, but it's not something that just randomly comes, you need to work at being creative (I think).
  5. Learn to speed read - there's a lot of stuff I want to read and not enough time. So, let's do it faster! I currently read ~1 books a month, so let's turn it up to 3 books per month after I learn.
  6. Troll a bunch of people in a positive way - I heard about this online where a guy just sent a bunch of text messages to people saying "you're wonderful" and got a bunch of cool responses.
  7. Stage a roller coaster picture - I need help with something creative here folks!
  8. Don't buy anything for a month - this means anything that I'm buying just for me and consumer purposes is off limits. My mortgage, utilities, and groceries are still okay to buy. Gasoline, clothes, Kombucha, etc are off limits.
  9. Don't eat any added sugar for 30 days - I've tried this and failed numerous times, time to dominate. 
  10. No internet outside of work for a week - way too addicted to the tubes, time to scale it back.
  11. Read a book by someone with opposing views - it's easy to be convinced that you're right if you only read stuff that reinforces it.
  12. Spend at least one night with the Amish - completely stolen from a buddy. I want to learn how to live a simpler life. Who better than the Amish to learn from?
  13. Give a public presentation - sounds a bit scary which means it's a good thing to do. I do presentations at work, this will be outside of work.
  14. Fruitarian (raw fruits and veg) for a week - see what it does to my bowels and how it affects how I feel. Angie will love this one...
  15. Learn to do a freestanding handstand - this will take strength, skill, and accidentally breaking things while practicing.
  16. Don't drive for a month - driving costs you money and makes you fat. Biking runs on fat and saves you money. 'nuff said
  17. Interview my grandma - she has a lot of life lessons to give, let's harvest them!
  18. Get a colonic - time to clean out those bowels. This will likely be the worst thing on the list. I am awaiting approval from Ben Greenfield first.
  19. Ride a mechanical bull - not everything needs a good reason. Also, hicks....
  20. Be naked in public - this might mean streaking, skinny dipping, or who knows what. However, it doesn't necessarily mean I have to do it in front of a crowd.
  21. Volunteer 20 hours - 100 hours last time was pretty ambitious since I managed to get in about 5 hours. Time to stop being selfish.

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