Saturday, December 21, 2013

Progress Update - In Progress

Items I've made progress on:
While I haven't completed many of my items, I have made good progress on quite a few.
  • 50 mile ultramarathon - identified the race. Need to sign up.
  • Visit top 10 things in Nebraska
1.   Chimney Rock
2.   Lake McConaughy
3.   Carhenge
4.   Pioneer Village - Done - We stopped here on the way to Colorado a few months ago, and it's pretty lame. It's about $15 per person and is rather boring.
5.   The Arch - Done - Stopped in the same trip as Pioneer Village. Again, this is fairly expensive ($20 per person or so), but it's actually pretty cool. They put on a good show and provide some interesting history.
6.   Sandhill cranes
7.   State Capital - Done
8.   Memorial Stadium - Done
9.   Joslyn Art museum - Done
10. Zoo - Done
  • GoRuck Challenge - I've signed up for the May 30th event in Omaha with John Wrobel. I'm sure this experience will be a future blog experience.
  • Catch up with 1 friend every month that I haven't talked to in 1+ years - Will make a separate blog post later 
  • Try out 12 new churches (where "church" is whatever the equivalent is for that religion) - future blog post on this.
  • Climb a 14er - Plans to climb Pikes Peak on Christmas Eve as long as my hiking partner doesn't back out because of a bum knee.
  • Sensory deprivation chamber - Have an appointment scheduled for the 23rd at A New Spirit Spa. This is one of those things that would have been easier to do had I lived in a bigger city. There will definitely be a post after this.
  • 200# squat - Been lifting a decent amount, not sure how close I am to this. Somewhat worried about this one.
  • 250# deadlift - Similar to 200# squat, doing weightlifting but not sure where I'm at. Did a workout the other day that was about 60% of max for others which would put my max at 244#. We'll see in a month or so when I make a go for this.
  • 60 push-ups - I could probably do about 30ish in a row. I do pushups before every TV show I watch and add 1 every week. I'm at 17 before each TV show. I actually don't watch a bunch of TV so I could make watching TV a part of the goal.
  • Take a survival course - Just signed up today for a winter survival course on January 25/26.
  • Hit 30 states visited (must have at least driven through them) and make map - Based on my definition, I only need to hit one more state. I'm planning on hitting that last one with my 50 mile ultra by doing one in Nevada.
  • Take a cooking class - Again, would be easier if I lived in a bigger city. Found a place in KC that offers some good classes that I'll head down there next year.

Quite a few of these should be complete within the next 2 months which will be exciting.

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