Friday, December 20, 2013

Progress Update - Items completed

Well, Wednesday was my half birthday, so that means I should be halfway done with my list, right? Well, about that....

I'm breaking this into a series of posts broken down by: completed, progress, no progress, and likely won't complete.

Items completed:
Unfortunately I have completed significantly fewer than I would've liked.
  • 150# bench press - Woo! I went in on a rest day at the gym and just wanted to see where I was at. I pretty easily got up to 2 reps of 157# which is solidly above my body weight (which was what the target weight was based on).
  • Smile more - As simple as this sounds, I think this one deserves a separate blog post, stay tuned.
  • Grow a beard - Done as best I can. Pictures to come.

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