Sunday, December 22, 2013

Progress Update - Won't Do

In reviewing the list after several months, there are a few things I'll likely not complete, either because I don't really have a strong desire to follow through or will simply be beyond my reach right now.

Items I'll likely not complete:
  • Volunteer 100 hours - I've managed to volunteer a grand total of 6 hours so far, which is 6 more hours than I normally do in a year, so that's something. To achieve this, it would mean volunteering 4 hours a week. While doable, I don't know if I'm willing to step outside my comfort zone that much yet.
  • 4-pack abs - Yeah, despite how well I do with nutrition in general, I think my occasional binges prevent me from getting this.
  • Build a simple orrery - don't really have the drive to do this right now.
  • Not available publicly (NAP) - Not sure if I still want to go for these next few.
  • NAP
  • NAP

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